Interested in building on your PERMIDES project?

Interested in building on your PERMIDES project?

Find funding opportunities to support your projects in the SME Support Mechanisms Overview PERMIDES put together for you.

During the PERMIDES project 417 European SMEs registered on the PERMIDES Platform, submitted more than 200 applications for cross-sectoral innovation projects and received funding for 105 projects via Consultancy and Innovation Vouchers.

To maximize the impact of PERMIDES and to build on the successful projects and the dynamic cross-sectoral SME network established, the PERMIDES consortium compiled relevant funding and support opportunities for SMEs available at the European, national or regional level in Germany, Norway and Austria:

Several SMEs already benefitted from follow-up coaching activities provided by the PERMIDES partners and are actively exploiting additional funding mechanisms to further advance their innovations. We hope that this overview helps you as a member of the PERMIDES SME community to identify relevant funding schemes for advancing existing or initiating novel projects.

The PERMIDES platform is still accessible via the PERMIDES website here, and can be a great resource to identify partners for joint applications. To further advance the PERMIDES matchmaking platform we are currently conducting a survey and would be very happy to hear your opinion! If you have a few minutes, please fill share your input:

We wish you lots of success with advancing your innovation projects!


Funding by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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