How To

How to get funded

Have a look at our Applicants Guide for in-depth information.

Funding eligibility criteria*

  • The applicants must have SME status according to the SME definition of the European Union and the applicants are headquartered in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries.
  • Voucher applications must represent a joint project between
    • an applicant from the biopharmaceutical sector (e.g. biotech/medtech companies, diagnostics companies, CROs, biobank companies, bioinformatics companies)
    • and at least one further applicant from the IT sector.
  • Companies with expertise in the biopharmaceutical as well as IT sector (such as bioinformatics companies) may, in distinct applications, either act as biopharmaceutical or as IT partner depending on the project context.
  • The PERMIDES innovation/consultancy vouchers will pay for the services provided by the IT SME.

* For detailed information please refer to the PERMIDES voucher application terms and conditions.