Let’s stay in contact

The consortium partners are involved in EU project applications, can be contacted by interested parties and are always open to consider cooperation.

CyberForum e.V.

CyberForum connects more than 1000 members of the High-tech and IT sector in Karlsruhe’s Technology Region (TechnologieRegion). From startups and software companies to seasoned businesspeople and international information and communication technology suppliers to research institutions and universities – the CyberForum brings them all together. A networking platform as an immediate connection of competence, business contacts, and career opportunities.

Oslo Cancer Cluster SA

Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology research and industry cluster dedicated to accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines. We gather about 75 members from Norway and Northern Europe representing the entire oncology value chain.

As a Norwegian Centre of Expertise, the Norwegian government partially funds the cluster. An evaluation from 2013 states that Oslo Cancer Cluster is a strong biotech cluster well positioned in the global oncology industry. Major industry trends now offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the cluster’s position as a global knowledge and innovation centre.

IT-Cluster, Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur

We are Austria’s biggest IT cooperation network and are regarded both nationally and internationally as the central contact point for questions relating to digitalisation. The IT Cluster is a platform for the regional IT and software industry. We address issues with relevance to the future, and stimulate and accompany cooperative activities across the entire IT spectrum. We support you so you will be successful in your field. To this end, we put you in touch with other companies and enable intensive knowledge exchange.

Smart Innovation Norway

Smart Innovation Norway hosts NCE Smart Energy Markets cluster, a competence center that develops smart and sustainable energy solutions through innovation and business development. This is achieved through development of expertise by research and development activities as well as close cooperation with the industry and academia. We work in a triple helix modell.
Norway has appointed twelve strong clusters consisting of world class enterprises in their field. Together, these clusters of expertise make the NCE programme. NCE Smart Energy Markets represents one of these twelve priority areas supported by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council. We also work closely with Østfold Fylkeskommune, Halden kommune and SIVA.
NCE Smart Energy Markets is a part of Smart Innovation Norway.

Cluster für Individualisierte Immunintervention (Ci3)

Our vision is to bring together the outstanding expertise in the Rhine-Main cluster region with regard to drugs, therapeutic approaches and diagnostics in the field of individualized immune intervention and to establish the region as a global leader. Ci3’s ambitious – and achievable – goal is to provide long-term benefits for all health care stakeholders (patients, payers, health care providers and manufacturers) by supporting both the innovative products developed in the cluster as well as the relationships among the cluster’s players. Ci3’s core objective is to promote both national and international advancement of individualized immunotherapies.

intelligent views gmbh

intelligent views gmbh is one of the leading European providers of semantic technologies and applications. Founded in 1997 as spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute, the Darmstadt-based company now employs over 35 specialists. Its software, the Smart Data Engine i-views, provides an easy way to unleash the potential of data in a flexible and intuitive way.

NETSYNO Software GmbH

NETSYNO – We are experts in designing and developing intuitive and accessible internet-based software solutions. Our vision is to broaden the boarders of interpersonal communication and to put human beings into the center of communication. Therefore we have created INOPAI, our tool to enhance digital collaboration and user interfaces for the exchange of knowledge and structured information. At this moment there are already users working together in more than 1000 groups.


Oncotyrol is the product of a continuous strategic development of Innsbruck as a top location for cancer research. In 2006/07 the local oncological research community realized that many of their scientific projects had matured and left the realm of basic research. However, they were not advanced enough to be brought to market or sold to industry. At the same time it became clear that cancer medicine was heading more and more towards personalized approaches. This was the birth of Oncotyrol as an incubator structure for applied and personalized cancer research. Oncotyrol fills the gap between basic research and commercial development and it involves the collaboration of clinics, commercial enterprises and academic research groups. Since 2012 it has developed to a business-oriented company that has recently reached the market with first products and services.


The Software-Cluster in southwest Germany is Europe’s “Silicon Valley of Enterprise Software”. In the region around the centers of the software development Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken and Walldorf, 134,000 employees are working in over 11,000 software companies. The computer science departments and research institutes in the region consistently achieve top positions in international rankings and provide for the next generation of qualified entrepreneurs, employees and researchers. The Software-Cluster is coordinated by the regional networks CyberForum e.V. (Karlsruhe), IT FOR WORK e.V. (Darmstadt), STI e.V. (Kaiserslautern) and KIS (Saarbrücken). Among the objectives of the Software-Cluster are the promotion of research and development, technology transfer and start-ups, branding and international visibility of the cluster and creating new training offerings against the skills shortage in the sector. In 2010 the Software-Cluster was distinguished in the leading-edge cluster competition of the German Federal Government. Over 250 software companies from the region have since joined this network as a “Partner in the Software-Cluster”.

The Software-Cluster is represented in the PERMIDES project by CyberForum e.V., one of its coordination sites.